Jozu is your SaaS business’

Jozu connects deep product analytics to marketing metrics and revenue analytics using actionable dashboards and reports - without instrumenting your code. Install faster than you can get a pizza and supercharge your SaaS business!

Actionable Growth Insights for Business

Jozu’s dashboards, reports, and email summaries are built to show you the product and business trends you need to drive growth. Forget expensive BI solutions and teams of data scientists - Jozu automatically connects data from across your tools to bring light to the dark corners of your business.

Prevent Revenue Churn

Jozu alerts you to churn weeks before it happens.

Preventing customer churn is critical to any business. Our unique algorithm identifies customers you need to re-engage by combining product usage and revenue data into a simple Risk Score. It's easy to help at-risk customers using our inline contact details. Keep the customers you've worked hard to win!

Jozu agent flow

No Code Changes

A single agent gets all the data you need.

Stop distracting engineering! Every other product analytics vendor asks you to add their code snippets and libraries to your application - code that can break, isn’t documented, and needs to be maintained. Jozu uses a single agent installed where your application lives that gathers data on the requests your customers make. We don't touch your code so your engineers stay focused on building features!

See Revenue & Product Patterns

Jozu helps you find your future top customers.

Track your recurring revenue every day, week, and month. Instantly see who is driving your business and whether their product usage is trending in the right…or wrong direction. By combining revenue data with product usage we unearth patterns in your growing and declining customers you can use to unlock growth.

Prioritize the Right Leads

Jozu surfaces your future growth champions.

We calculate a Tailwind Score for every user to focus your efforts on the individuals and cohorts that are most likely to convert to sales. Jozu works with your existing lead scoring, but use more detailed product data to unearth the gold in your leads database.

Daily & Weekly Action Plans

Jozu’s email summaries focus on the biggest impacts.

Jozu is constantly evaluating the patterns in your SaaS business. A daily or weekly digest shows your fastest growing and declining customers, new and active users, and your at-risk revenue. We highlight the key metrics you should focus on today, across marketing, sales, product, and finance.

Find Your Killer Features

Optimize your best features and fix stragglers.

We track every user interaction from humans, machines, or bots. We analyze those patterns of usage constantly with machine learning. These patterns can highlight not only which features your customers love, but how they use them together - learn what your users really love and hate.

AI-Based Alerts & Insights

Jozu's AI finds anomalies and growth opportunities.

We use AI to analyze the massive amount of data generated by your product and business systems. You don’t need a team of data scientists - we call out anomalies by knowing the natural rhythm of your business each day, week, month, season, and year.

How It Works

  1. We track product interactions without touching code.

    Our tracking agent captures every user, bot, or AI interaction with your SaaS product's API without instrumenting your code, so you don’t need to interrupt engineering for help. You control what data is stored and what's anonymized. Unlike others product analytics vendors, our tracking won’t become something you have to manage, maintain, and document. Already have activity data from other sources? Great, we can use that too.
  2. We connect to your identity provider for context.

    This allows Jozu to connect the user interactions we see to the people, companies, or bots that you've given product access to. Our agent allows you to completely anonymize your users' identities so we only see codes for user and companies that can't be decoded - keeping your customer information safe while allowing you to still get valuable customer usage pattern data.
  3. We correlate product usage to your business metrics.

    We connect all this product usage and user activity data to your marketing leads, sales opportunities, and and revenue pipeline so you stay focused on the prospects and customers who will help your business grow fastest. We tell you which users are most active, which are growing, and which are declining. Learn more about your users' behavior so you can hone your product market fit.